Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM (CIA) for Nintendo 3DS Emulator (Citra)

Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM (CIA) is the file in CIA format that will allow us to run the game Kirby: Triple Deluxe in the Nintendo 3DS Emulator: Citra, Nds4Droid, 3DMoo, Drastic Ds… that we have.

This is a platform game that is part of the famous Nintendo Kirby saga, developed by Hal Laboratory and published by Nintendo. This time our little protagonist was sleeping when suddenly a giant beanstalk began to grow under Dream Land. When he awoke he found himself in a new world in the skies of Dream Land called Floralia. This stalk will take Kirby to the different locations where the game takes place. This installment includes new abilities for Kirby to face enemies and also two new mini-games: Kirby Fighters and Dedede’s Drum Dash. This game has received good reviews from the public and has shown that to be an action game it is not necessary to be tough and strong, you can also be skillful and adorable.

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Download Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM (CIA) for 3DS Emulator (Citra)

Download Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM (CIA) for Emulator 3DS (Citra) is very easy, only we will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Download Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM (CIA) by clicking on the link below:
  2. Download Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM (CIA)
  3. It is possible that our operating system requests permissions to download for being a file of unknown source. We accept the permission clicking in “Yes” or “Accept”.
  4. We wait until the download of the file is completed.
  5. We locate the ROM in our device, it is very possible that it is in our default download folder. If it is not the case, we verified where it can be located looking at which folder we have selected at the time of downloading.
  6. In case it has been downloaded as a compressed file, we will have to decompress it before performing the following steps.
  7. Then, we will have to follow the installation instructions.

To install Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM (CIA) for Nintendo 3DS Emulator (Citra)

To install Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM (CIA) in the Nintendo 3DS emulator we will have to do the following:

  1. Once we have downloaded and located the Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM, we go to the folder where we have installed our 3DS emulator, for example, Citra.
  2. This will be in a folder with different files and other folders. We look for a folder called “Games”.
  3. We take the ROM that we have just downloaded (remember that it has to be unzipped) and we drag it into the “Games” folder.
  4. We execute the Nintendo 3DS emulator by double clicking on it.
  5. We will already have Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM available to play.
  6. The next time that we accede to Citra already will appear directly in the directory of games, reason why we will only have to make this procedure once for each game.
  7. Enjoy Kirby: Triple Deluxe ROM (CIA) for 3DS Emulator.